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Chimera cover
From the opening chord, showing itself like a blade first seen by its soon to be victim, then falling into complete chaos, Mayhem's 'Chimera' is by far my favorite metal album to unleash this year.
The opening track, 'Whore', is a sonic blast. Ripping right into you from the start, with no mercy. But then, when 'Dark Night of the Soul' comes you can see the intended fear building within the atmosphere of the album. 'Rape Humanity with Pride', is one of the masterpiece's on 'Chimera', not only musically speaking, but the composing/production style of Mayhem guitarist, Blashpemer shines a blinding black on this song. But 'Rape...' is not the only cursed jewel on 'Chimera', 'My Death' takes us on another hate fueled journey thanks to Maniac's vocal/lyrical delivery as well the musical background painted by the rest of Mayhem. 'You Must Fall' and 'Slaughter of Dreams' are two more all out assaults of blackness, where as, 'Impious Devious Leper Lord' is another of the dark, sludgy songs. Taking the listener into Mayhem's personal Hell. Closing with the title track, 'Chimera' itself, is simply brutal and mixed with Maniac speaking in human voice's along with the voice of demons. Proclaiming to all, or possibly just one, "...You are not dead, you never existed"
Mayhem's 'Chimera' should be in the collection of any fan of black metal, regular metal, or just someone who can appreciate a great record. And this one is indeed that.

-NAS 10-04
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